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I won't join SoK, but I still love it.

Journal Entry: Tue May 5, 2015, 9:47 PM

But if I did, this is the idea I'd currently play with:

I'd be creating another Aileen, as both Modern! and Original!CdRVerse versions of her have been shipped off on lovely happy endings where she has a dork husband and possibly a few lovely kids in the future.

Eylin is how I'd spell it, though.

She'd be from Mintaka and live in Aldebaran, running a teashop that's adjacent to a confectionary. She would have headed to Aldebaran for some reason or another that I have no clue, maybe just to explore a bit. She'd end up meeting a confectioner who has the syllable "Ric" in his name somewhere, and the two fall in love. While she's there, she becomes a citizen and really gets into tea.

Ric makes a very good tea because he paid attention to the kinds she likes, and while she later replicates it and make sells it, he's totally fine, because he pleased his tea snob lover/wife.

That tea probably had some cherryblossom in it, and Eyl always wears a bright pink cherryblossom or two in her hair.

She's be this person who always acts like she's totes unimpressed and "Good luck making me happy" but she's really a huge dork who thinks everything is awesome about her new home, and just wants to travel more if she didn't have her teahouse to take care of.

Stats would be:
STR: 1
CON: 1
DEX: 2
CHA: 2
INT: 1 (+1=2?)
WIL: 1 (+1=2?)
(I know I'm picking the Alde stats and she can have STR and CON as well, but those two fit her better, since her real foci would be DEX and CHA)

I'd probably either pick the staff as her starting weapon for injokeyness with Shin, or possibly the Flute because that fits the personality more. (I wish I remembered the whole weapon list to pick the line I liked the most, since I recall the flute's line isn't that great)


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