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So, for my disney event, who should get my third slot? 

1 deviant said Ail, as one of the gorgeous princesses
1 deviant said Ric, as a sinister villain type
1 deviant said Comment who it is you voted for and who it is you're thinking of, please
No deviants said Ail, as one of the more modern characters
No deviants said Ail, as one of the princes
No deviants said Ric, as a dashing hero type
No deviants said Ric, showing off those androgynous seeley curves in a dress
No deviants said Either of them in some variant version of the above

To do:

:bulletblack: Weekly Challenges
:bulletblack: Memes
:bulletblack: Events
:bulletblack: Anything to get me to Black Parcel

So, I've figured out how to do it.

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 19, 2014, 4:31 PM

By "It" I mean "a bachelor/ette auction in a DA (or any) RP group" because as fun as the idea is, people will either be fighting over whether a bajillion or zillion is a bigger number and whether other characters can actually afford that price.

First off, figure out what you want to achieve with the Bachelor's Auction. For the purposes of what I was doing, it's to encourage RP, preferably with new people, because that was what I wanted to do when I thought up the idea of the Auction. So some parts in this can be done OOC-ly and just use it otherwise for pairing up the people.

Second off, have a time where people can sign up to be auctioned off. You can either have a certain number of slots, or just take everyone, depending on your mood. The people signing up should probably be asked for some kind of silly quote to use when they sign up, or maybe have it hint towards what the RPer is down for. Maybe like "I like making cakes for pretty ladies and watching the sun set from the gazebo, though what that leads to, who knows."

The person running it can leave add the person with a link to their app and the silly quote. This part would need to be done for one or two weeks, or less depending on group activity.

Next would be the auction itself. This is a bit tricky, because the idea I came up with requires an internal currency for the group, like :iconsands-of-khashaan:'s Quorh. First off, all people's auctions start at 1 Currency (Henceforth known as C). A bidding character has their current currency amount as a limit to the spending. So if Person A has 35 C, they can only bid up to 35 C on Person B. If there's two people Person A wants to "Win" an RP with, the sum can only equal up to 35 C. So if Person B's price is 20 C and Person C's is 16, they can no longer bid on both and have to pick one.

Bidding would be done via comments/posts, and it it's a thread like DA's, perhaps have a moderator alert the people, if you're a merciful ruler.

Also, Do NOT limit the bachelors to people with women characters and bachelorettes to people with males. Let anyone bid, because this is for fun and more about the getting RPs than any kind of rules

After a certain amount of time, (Or that greedy person with a thousand C outbids all the poor people with only 35 C) close it, and whoever has the highest bid wins the RP. Depending on whether it's just for fun or if the person running the event has power, the currency would be docked. (Or it could be left cuz this really is just for fun)

After that, Give them some time to pick how to RP and what to RP and whatever. They can send it in for the C, and hopefully managed to have some fun.


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I'm very sorry for being so late, but thank you so so much for the watch! * V * It really means a lot to me fff <3 :iconsexyhorseplz:
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Had fun. Been a while since I did a meme. (And even if I did a ten things thing, that was like... 5 years ago)
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