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This is... about 2009, I think. It's one version of Aileen. I was trying to write this one specific idea in my head, but it's been ditched for being too Treasure Planet-y. However, this story is the first use of her being called Ail. (And proof that she originally had a more androgynous build.) Yes, she actually is female, but she hides her gender because very few women get through the training she went through, so it's assumed to be a man's job, especially further out.

It also was the only thing I wrote with the intention of being a game. It would have had a Persona-style gameplay, so there were training missions and such, and she's an mid-early party join. She'd dress like a lady at night when people didn't care.

Like I said. Shit.

Never Point North

The officer who came out of the carriage was androgynous, although Anna supposed him male due to the deep red uniform with gold trim he wore. Even she knew that those who wore that uniform were the crème-de-la-crème of the merchant captains. He looked young, younger than her, but considering the outpost where she lived, she supposed that having any from the Capital Academy would be a blessing. His eyes were closed, with a red inverse triangle under his left eye – his eyes didn’t work, so he used the seal to see. He kept his dark brown hair long – but tied it tightly behind himself.

He made his way over to her with a smile and took her hand. “First officer Ail Kemyss,” he said with a rather boyish pitch. He kissed her hand lightly. “The Captain had some last minute work, but should be here within the hour.”

She smiled. “Annalisa Cartise,” she said. “And these two are May and Jaden Reynolds, related to the owners of Reynold’s Tavern.”

He nodded at the two before repeating his actions with May. “Pleasure to meet you both. I do have one order of business to take care of myself before Ric comes in. Ms. Reynold’s and Ms. Cartise’s sleeping quarters. I believe I shall share with you. After all, I’m no threat to a pretty girl. Yes, I believe that shall be the case. I hope neither of you would be bothered by that.”

May smiled lightly “No First Officer Kemyss. That is just fine. Although my cousin Jaden, he used to sleep in the same room as us. Would it be okay if that were the same. We’re used to each other’s presence.”

“I don’t see any reason why not. I can just see if Ric wouldn’t mind us sharing for once.” He gave a distant grin. “Well, the whole journey, for once.”



The midnight explorations were stopped only a few minutes in, when Anna and the others got to the observation deck and found a woman standing there. She had a strange build, very slight, but toned. It gave her a look of being to long for her size.

Jaden yelled.

She turned to face him and the others. Her eyes were an unnatural shade of blue that almost glowed, and her pupils were shaped like clefs. She badly hid her elongated ears behind a large muffin of bangs. She was an Elf, or at least, that was the only term Anna knew for her kind.

“I’m sorry,” She said. Her voice was rather low, and sounded much like the First Officer’s. “I didn’t think anyone else would be out at this time.” The translucent train around her waist followed her as she tried to run past them. The actual dress, a deep blue color, cut above the knees, she designed it for ease of movement. She gripped onto a sword with an ornate handle, but in a way that tried to keep from harming us.

May kept her from moving. “What’s your name?” she asked.

The woman smiled. “I don’t give it out, since I don’t think I’m supposed to be here.”

“Why do you carry a sword?”


“To keep men from hurting me. I do know how to use it.” Her eyes narrowed as she said that, giving a look that Anna didn’t like.


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